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Default Re: Playing with my hedgie

Hedgehog personality is a bit like a cat's. THEY will chose IF they want to play or not, and there's nothing you can do about it

If your boy choses to be a sleeper, then he's a sleeper, and keeping him awake, trying to make him DO something will just stress and annoy him.

If your boy is an explorer, then you can set up a safe escape-proof playpen for him, filled with balls, cut toilet paper rolls, even toy dump trucks. As long as there are no sharp edges, places where feet or tongue can get caught in, it's all up to your imagination as to what you want for him.

Example, my boy is a sleeper. No matter what I do, he will just run over to me, climb into my lap and find a nice warm place to sleep. It doesn't matter where I put him down, he will sniff me out and sleep on me. The only thing he actively chases is his mealie tweezer. He does not play with balls, nor does he play with TP rolls, or stuffed animals. That's just how he is, he sleeps.
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