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I seriously need to read Watership Down! I've heard it mentioned so many times and have never read it. The second one you mentioned reminds me of The Chronicles of Narnia, kind of. I loved that series, but I always ignored the religious themes and just focused on "Yay, talking animals!" I'd love any recommendations you have for training/behavior books & such too, if you're willing! I'm really hoping to expand that category of my book collection.

I adore fantasy as well. It's probably at least 1/3 of my total library! I will gladly take any recs you have for that genre too, I just figured I'd ask about specifically animal-related books to keep the thread somewhat on topic for an animal forum.

I've joined GoodReads before and for some reason, didn't really get into it. I'll have to give it another try though...though like I said, I really need to stop getting ideas for more books I want! I probably have 200-300 that I already own that I still haven't read yet. I'm going to be reorganizing my library again over winter break & plan to try and get my catalogue up to date at the same time. I'm on a different site called LibraryThing which is more for cataloguing a collection & works much better for that purpose than GoodReads. It was going to take literally days to get 1000+ books added to GR. It only took me a handful of hours with LibraryThing, with how streamlined the process is on their site (since it's created specifically for libraries & large collections).
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