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Default Re: She Tried to Hibernate

Originally Posted by Hollierae
First off.. I am SO glad i have this site for reference. Before i even got my hedgie i read on here alot, so luckily when this happened i knew right away what was going on and knew what to do.

So PLEASE don't yell at me or try to tell me a lesson, i know what happened and i've already gone threw enough stress as it is.

Okay, so yesterday i went to check on my girl. Everything looked like it always is, Almost empty dish, VERY messy wheel, Toys strewn all over. but then i realized she wasn't in her igloo like she normally is, instead she was out in the corner sleeping... Which is VERY weird! Not one day since i have had has she slept outside of her igloo. So i grabbed her, and she was very very moody, Huffing and wouldn't unroll.. Then i started to worry a little bit, she has her days... but she always comes around after a couple seconds of sweet talking. Finally i got her to unroll and she started to walk and she could barely stand... VERY wobbly. Then i felt her belly, Ice cold.
So i whipped into high gear.. Got blankets around, got her on a heating pad and in about 10-11 Mins she started coming around, she was all bright eyes and licking her lips like normal and walking normal. Then in about 20 mins she was trying to escape to go run and explore like she always does, so i set her in her cage.. She ate a couple small bites.. then ran to her wheel and started running. She scared me half to death.

It's now day two after that and she acts completely fine and normal, like nothing happened. She was even Anointing all over herself today while i had her out

I think i know why this happened. It never occurred to me about the days getting shorter and her needing a light turned on... I learned my lesson to say the least. It also doesn't help we went from having October-November weather one day, then back to almost 90's the next.

What i want to ask is, what should i do for better precaution.. And i read that the month following a hedgehog trying to Hibernate, that they are more apt to try it again.. Im just scared she's going to try it again.. She's probably getting tired of me "Hovering".

Also can you walk me threw how much/long they should have the light on, and heat although that's never really been a problem. Im just trying to check everything, I don't want this happening again, and i want to be the best hedgiemom

Thanks Everyone, This site really is SO helpful!
Here are some specific links that may help for prevention:

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