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Default Re: Cute new house for the babys

Garrett also likes fabric versus plastic.

He will only play inside the CPVC 90 elbow if he has fleece strips to drag in there.

I ended up getting a sterilite container about the size of a shoe box from a local store. I tossed the lid, and turned the box upside down. I then drilled holes in the "roof" and cut out a door using a scissors.

I then used my very rudimentary sewing skills to make a fleece cover for the inside and the outside very much resembling a short sleeve. I slipped the sleeve over the box, and pushed the sleeve on the inside right to the "roof." I then sowed the inside to the outside using the holes, and that held the inside fleece from just dropping down like an old car headliner.

I then cut a flap that resembles a tent door for Garrett to go in and out of, and the excess "sleeve" that I had on the ends from making the cover too long I just flipped inside the small hedgehog house, and Garrett uses it to root around in now.

He seems happy to have a house that isn't plastic, and I had fun stabbing myself with needles. I would much rather make him things with power tools then a needle and thread.

The downside is, now in the night he has bed-head with small poofs of red fleece in his quills. Which makes him look very christmasy when he also tools around in his green fleece hedgehog bag.
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