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Ive had some strange animals, but I see a hedgehog as a very wild animal, I know they have been tamed for some time, but not for thousands of years like cats or dogs, even rats have been tamed for hundreds. I don't know much about their background but I am all for learning anything and everything there is that I need to know about being a good hedgehog mother!

I have a couple of more questions, Can a hedgehog eat cat food, and be supplemented with fruit and veggies, and possibly some grains, like cheerios. Should I be feeding him low fat meats aside from cat food? what should a diet plan be like. I know that I cannot find hedgehog food around here, the only pet stores we have are pets unlimited p.js pets owned. and I do not support puppy mills, or their mass breeding, and do not shop there.

I would like my hedgie to be as healthy as possible and live a really long happy life. I really do love all animals, and would like to make him as happy as I can in whatever ways I can.

I do have a cat, she is a small cat still a kitten, is there issues with cats and hedgehogs? can they co exist? or must I separate her from him as soon as he arrives.
Im just hoping he is tame enough to work with, I really wouldnt be turned off by him being cranky or hard to deal with though, he is who he is. :P I just hope for a nice little guy. and from what I hear he is pretty tame.
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