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DibsMonster 09-09-2015 05:20 PM

Hedgehog party!!!!
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** Do not have to buy just thought they are super cute i even bought them for my quill babies and now they are onsale and thought some owners may want them too** *** Party starts tomorrow night and ends sunday : The Facebook event is online message me if you want added !

Hedgehog Lovers everywhere you are going to love this Small party .... It will Last till the 13th!!! Right now our hedgehog mommy and baby are on sale and are super CUUUUUTTTEE!!!

Do you have a hedgie addiction!? or have you lost a precious quill baby and want a small memorial statue? These two are perfect!

The momma holds a votive or tealight and the baby hold just a tea light!

These two wont last much longer order online today and play some of my games to win a chance to get these two for free!!!!

We have more then just hedgies! But because i am in love with all quill babies I made a special party just for them :)))

Here is the site :)


STeps to ordering the hedgehogs.
1. Click on this site: http://www.partylite.biz/sites/candlejedibri…
2. Scroll down till you seed the button that says place order through party.
3. Type in Bri Lawter as your host name (me)
4. Select the party that falls on 9/10/2015
5. O your right hand side you will see a button that says " Sep. 1-15 Party sale.
6. Scroll till you see the hedgies :)))))
if that doesnt help try this link to see if it works

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