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Default Hedgehog masturbation (Not appropriate for young viewers)

I have a somewhat...-delicate- question about my 1.5 year old hedgehog's behavior.

Butch Cassidy has always favored me over my boyfriend, twittering in delight whenever I would rescue him from "the big mean man." We used to joke Butch was in love with me and suffering from a bit of an oedipus complex.

A couple months ago I was holding him when I noticed something white and sticky on his underside. After that there were a few instances in which he would become "excited," made most obvious by his male "distinguishing characteristic." The past three days however he has been getting quite large "down there" and ejaculating within five minutes of when I pick him up (and he likes to void both his bowels and bladder immediately after, leaving quite a mess).

I don't do anything to provoke him - I just hold him in my hands or on my lap. Also, there are no other particular behaviors associated with the action (besides a blissful look in his eyes afterward and an unusual desire to cuddle).

I'm not really worried...(boys will be boys? I guess?) just kind of weirded out (and the mess is a bit bothersome). Has anyone else experienced this? Is it "just a phase?"

Edit: Upon further reflection, Butch has been a bit more aggressive (puberty?) towards my boyfriend as of late, but I assumed it was just because he hates him (my boyfriend, on the other hand, can't get enough of the little guy...unfortunately this means I have to sometimes gently remind him hedgehogs are -not- dogs and don't necessarily want to be played with all the time). He'll sometimes tug on bf's shirt when sitting on his stomach or lap and he (the hedgehog, not the bf) has chomped him a couple of times. He's an adult now, though, so I assume it can't be raging hormones. Male jealousy?

Will I be forced to choose between the two loves of my life, one tall, dark, and handsome and the other small, furry, and snuffly? Woe is me.
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