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Default Breeder Research?

Hey everyone! This is my first post on the forum so I'll do a short intro of myself. I've been a happy and proud hedgie owner of Stevie for almost 4 years, but sadly see just crossed rainbow bridge a few weeks ago. I'm just now getting over the loss, but my love for hedgies grows on. Therefor I think it's high time I move on and get a new bundle of -errr- quills to spread energy around the house.

While it could be a few months away, I'm already getting my house ready for my buddy. But here is where I want your opinion. Sadly my location in the USA doesn't give me many options as far as breeders are concerned...just 1 actually. I've read every word on the breeder's site two times and I feel like they do their best to keep the hedgies happy and healthy to the day they are picked up. I know there are a large amount of commercial breeders out there who aren't reliable and sugar coat everything, which is why I wanted to run the site past you first:
Overall they seem to be reliable and I hope that they'll provide me with my next quilled friend. But until then, do any of you more experienced buyers have any opinions about the breeder?
Thanks a lot!
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