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Originally Posted by gracefulchaos01 View Post
But... But... It's fleece!
yes, well... I only have the one hedgie, yes? And right now she has 5 cage liners, 5 sleeping sacks, 2 cuddle cups, 4 double-sided, hemmed sleeping pads, 2 double-thick carrying bags with straps, and a bag of assorted fleece scraps for playing with. And then I have this biiiig box of fleece in the living room for more liners and future projects (like, say, should I suddenly decide to make fleece ponchos for my entire family, along with fleece winter hats, and possibly scarves... This would in no way mean that Sprinkles was in danger of not having enough fleece for her own needs, )

But, I might buy it anyways because it's got hedgehogs on it, my daughter is totally in love with it, and well, it's fleece! If I could just sneak it into the house without him noticing... Sadly, because I live in Canada, I get my stuff from JoAnn's shipped to our PO box across the border, which my husband has to pick up, and I'm pretty sure he'll notice another enormous box from JoAnn's as he's hefting it out to the car!
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