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Talking progress is beautiful * wipes single tear*

so, i posted a while ago about trying to socialize Crowley ( my 4 month old girl) to my family. she had only been home about two months and had bonded perfectly to me, but was still terrified if anyone else was even in the same room as her let alone tried to pet, hold or even just give her toys.

I love her to death and don't want her to feel unsafe around my family- who are always around and also love her despite the fear of getting poked.

anyway- so i have been working with them all, my family and Crowley trying to get them use to each-other. i'd randomly be playing with her and my mom would walk in the room and i'd force her to hold her in a towel for a while or my dad would try to pet her and after she hissed at him i would make him hold her and try again.

well, than i had to go visit a friend for a week suddenly and i left my dad in charge of her while i was gone- and unsuspectedly it went really well and he put her in her pen with little trouble every day while i was gone!
- i knew he wasn't confident picking her up so i figured he was just going to feed and water her while i was gone and than i would talk him though a cage cleaning- but he went above and beyond on his own !!!!!
she still didn't take to him well but it help his confidence around her and she seems more conferrable around him as long as he wasn't holding her.

so anyway i come back and everything is fine- she's sooo happy im home and gave her a bath (the only thing he was afraid to do) and continued my random 'here hold her for a sec' training .

well the other day i had her out and playing in a towel to dry her of after her bath. so here she is running around in my arms and climbing up my t-shirt and just being hedgie while my mom was standing there watching her- and my dad just walks up and holds his hands out in front of her while she's in my arms * i suspected her to hiss and back away - when she without a second thought climbs onto his hands and walks a crossed to his arms!!!!!!! so while im standing there wide eyed my dad is holding her and she's just running around on him!

well, after that shock i expected to take her from him when than he just walked over to my mom who did the same thing- in a random act of bravery- she will hold her but usually with a towel as a barrier between the spikes :P ) - and Crowley just walked right on to her too!!!!! and everyone was too shocked to do anything but stair at Crowley!!!!!

after a few minuets of that she crawled back to me and curled up in her 'mommy i wanna go to bed way' that meant she was ready to go back to her cage for the night. so the night ended with me putting her home.

IT WAS JUST SOOO BEAUTIFUL I COULD CRY!!!!!! after weeks of nothing i finally got her to willingly interact without fear with my family!!!! on both sides we've continued to make progress (nothing quit as extreme as that) but progress non the less

i was just sooo happy about this that i had to share

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