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Red face popcorn madness?

ok, so can hedgehogs eat popcorn?

i was watching a movie with the lights and sound down low while Crowley played in her pen like normal.

well halfway though the movie i got up and made some popcorn and sat on the floor next to her pen with my blanket so we could discuss the movie like we normally do during hedgehog cuddles and movie night.

so here i am munching on my popcorn, warped in my cocoon and rambling to Crowley about the plot of the movie when i look over and she her staring though the bars of her pen and licking her lips while staring at my popcorn.

i hate to deny her anything, especially with what a chore it is to get her to eat anything but kibble- so i'd love to give her some popcorn if she'll eat it, but im not sure if its safe- since it expands in the tummy and technically has a shell inside?
anyway it's un buttered and unsalted - and she looks so cute doing her little beggy face. so anyway,

is it safe for her to have a piece? or would i be a bad mommy giving her some so i just have to be mean and say no while no longer eating it around her?
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