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Sebastian had a VERY successful vet visit yesterday.

It turns out that it was a sebaceous cyst, and the vet took a dental pick and some needles and was able to drain the cyst. It was rather gross, but among the crap that came out of it was a fully grown ruined quill. The black spots on his body the vet believes are moles, but there are more cysts that need to be taken care of. He gave me tools to do it. He thinks the cysts, as well as the tendency towards ingrown quills are genetic and a result of bad breeding.

In addition to all of this I saw some mites while he was examining the area. What's recommended for how to get rid of them? I'll be treating him as well as the rest of the hedgehogs in my herd.

Thank you so much for your help. I've already drained two additional cysts (also with ruined quills coming out of them. What's up with /that/, Sebastian?) This should seriously improve his quality of life and happiness now that I know what's hurting him.

He was really good for the vet. Didn't even ball up once. Just complained. He probably feels much better now.
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