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Originally Posted by Sochi's Mom View Post
Hello! I'm very new at hedgehog mommyhood and this terrible thing happened to Sochi (my 3.5 month old hedgie) and I about over an hour ago. The bleeding stopped after the cornstarch then started a bit again after she scratched with that foot. I cut pretty deep so I'm very worried. It stopped again now but not sure if it's nothing to
worry about. I really lover this forum btw and am so thankful for it!😁
Cutting the quick of the nail while giving your hedgie a pedicure is just something that is going to happen. It feels worse for us as caregivers than it does for the hedgie, though your hedgie may look at you funny for a couple of days. I always have a bowl of cornstarch on hand when it is time to start the nail cutting and all to the good if it doesn't need to get used that day.
When you trim, just look for the sweet spot mid nail and aim for that if you can. I know our little ones don't make it easy on us though, so keep the cornstarch ready, just in case
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