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I have my hedgehog next to my hamsters and mice, and none of them seem disturbed by each other. However, I did notice when I had a hamster on top, that when my hedgehog would run in her wheel, it would shake the hamster's bin quite a bit, and my hamster didn't seem to like that. Can you maybe build a small table/shelf so that the hamster bin sits on something solid?

As far as being more active... Are her ears "up", or is she holding them against her head? If they're up, she's in a good mood and she's just being a hamster. If they're down, she's grouchy/unhappy with something.

"Up" ears -- this hamster was very happy to play in the back yard.
"Down" ears -- this hamster was pretty grumpy because I kept repositioning him to take his picture. :P

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