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I am very sorry to share this, but I am exchanging Sherlock for a different hedgehog. He is just too grumpy and bitey. I have found that it is not because of a scent, or event, it is just the way he is. Sherlock is a very aggresive hedgehog. I don't want you to go about this in the wrong way though; I love Sherlock. So so much, I just feel that keeping him is probably not the right decision. I feel that he is a hedgehog that does not want attention, and I want a hedgehog who is willing to accept the attention I give to him. I did not fight my breeder to get this exchange. She on her own will is able to take Sherlock back, and give me a new hedgehog. Don't get me wrong, I take this very seriously and will be very very sad to let go of Sherlock. I don't think of my pets as just a pet I am willing to trade, I think of them as family. So please try to realize that this is something that would be better instead of making him miserable every day. I have tried everything out there to help this, but I can't change his tempermant just like you can't change the way someone is. Until December 25, I will care for Sherlock the best I can, and love him forever, and I hope you understand my decision.
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