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Originally Posted by hedgielover
I can tell you from experience how much it sucks having a hedgehog when your parents are not 100% willing to help you financially or otherwise. I had one in high school and it was a fight every time I wanted to buy something new for the hedgehog or if I needed to take him to the vet. Even when I was mainly spending my money on it my parents were annoyed because they thought that I should be saving my money. Now that I live on my own and make all my own decisions the experience is a lot better. Quigley is much better taken care of then Critter was. I'm not saying financial concerns just go away but having more freedom definitely makes the experience better overall.
This is a great post, hedgielover. I agree, the parents not being exactly cooperative could very well be a sign they are not wanting to add to the family right now. Possibly they just don't want to confront you and say no. Doing so anyway could very well lead to more situations such as hedgie being sick and the parents putting off its care due to finances. When parents aren't invested, its an uphill battle.

Knowing now what it all entails to care for one, both as a hedgehog owner and just from being on this forum reading other people's situations, I would not want my own child to have one, they are very costly. Loveable and cute but much more costly than I ever imagined when I got my first boy.
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