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excuse me?
I don't advertise chinchilla sand. I don't sell it. I just asked for opinions. Right from the start this forum has jumped on me and people are so rude here
Neather wonder it takes me months to come back here. i wonder if I'll make 100 posts here? And how long that is going to take me? Nasty
I said "advertise that it is good to use". This means don't tell people it is great and safe to use when it is really not, because someone may read it and take your advice, and harm your hedgie.

Any type of sand or dust can easily clump inside the penile sheath/vulva of a hedgehog and cause a blockage.

No one has been rude to you here. You asked for opinions on the sand, and we expressed our concern with the safety. I don't see that as being rude as more of telling you something you don't want to hear.

I am going to lock this thread. Clearly it is not going anywhere productive.

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