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Originally Posted by lovesnuffles
Will do on the baby blankets! Actually, my grandma might still have a box of them left from when we were babies.

I'm trying to keep the temperature up to around 80 or so. He feels like he's getting enough heat. He's not cold but he's not hot and fevered either. He's pleasantly warm to the touch. He doesn't even have fur yet :/ And his eyes aren't open .... She* Sorry. It's a girl lol. And I don't feel like backspacing all that :P

Puffers, I was afraid of that :/ She's eating well though! That's a good sign right? She doesn't seem to like the kitten milk though ... She practically attacked the goat milk :/ Which worries me because that was the last pack of it we had and my old place of work doesn't have any either. ((I wish I still worked there. I brought them the hedgehog to see and they were properly appalled at my boss and properly in love with this baby.))

We've decided we're gonna keep her though. The store isn't getting her back, no matter what my boss believes lol. My step-dad is already attached to her, so she's gonna be his pet that I'm gonna end up having to take care of Lol, so the other one I posted pictures of before is gonna go to someone else I decide is worthy.

Thanks for the nice replies though guys. It's just stressful, what between work and an A****** boss (Scuse the language), and then coming here and getting fussed at for doing everything wrong. I really don't know anything. I'm trying though. That counts for something. I could be like "Oh you guys don't know anything. Ours are fine just how they are. I don't need help." But I do want them to be healthy and I'm also not a know-it-all prick >.>

And as for the lost female, no updates on her, but the trap has been set and we're still waiting. And they won't be breeding again if I have anything to say about it. Maybe in the future, IF I'm still working there ((I almost feel like I HAVE to stay now because no one else really cares for the hogs)), after I learn more about how to breed them, I might. Cause I really don't think there are many breeders in Louisiana. Hedgehogs aren't a pet you see commonly around these parts. As far as I know, my store is the only ones around that have them, so I'm gonna look into breeding them, but in the future. For now I'm gonna concentrate on their health and keeping this new little one alive.
Nancy will tell you more about this if she gets a chance, but puppies milk works wonders!
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