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Default Re: Orphaned baby

Triple agree on the kids for the most part, modern parents in general scare me, and so does the 'next' generation of kids that'll be in power when I'm old and unable to fight back, hehe.

And sorry if people have been short with you on the forums or at least souned like it, as the other members have said, its just we care so much for all hedgehogs, I know it was probably the thread on the lost female, so if anything, members of HHC should be mad at your boss who shouldn't even be breeding these guys, I know you said a few were by mistake and such, hopefully he'll stop breeding them, because there are too many hedgehogs in the world that don't have a home, plus the other things (WHS, health issues), either way, if you ever leave and get another job, I'd leave his pet store info here. I know when you first came on here, you wanted to help those hedgies out and try and take over their care, but I get the feeling your boss feels different about it. You tried, thats the good thing.

I always seem to be the one who wants to bring up the down side of things, but brace yourself for the worse case scenario in this case, depending on the baby's age. I've read its hard for the babies to survive without the mother, even with constant care, but we'll all say a prayer to the hedgehog gods for the baby and you for it to turn out good.
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