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Thank you soooo much. It wouldn't have lasted another day actually. There were two babies left, but when I pointed out to my boss that the mother wasn't nursing them he told me to leave them in there. I came back the next day and only one baby was left. Finally he agreed we needed to do something about it. Jackass. Excuse my language, I hate my boss lol.

The hedgehogs can be moved to the back of the store, but people still go back there anyways. Especially kids. I hate kids >.> They're the worst. No, I take that back. I hate parents who don't control their kids. ((I have issues with kids running wild in my store. They wasted half my bird seed, lost one of our leopard geckos and put the other leopard gecko in the cage with the tortoises. I happened to not be working at the time they did this otherwise I'd have skinned the kids alive. I believe in spankings and I'm so not afraid to hit another person's kid.))

I'll switch one of my snake's lamps with the heating pad then. Can you get fleece from wal-mart?
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