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I have a little baby that the mother shunned. She ate his brothers and sisters and thankfully, this one lived, but she won't nurse him. ((Ok, before anyone fusses, because I know you will, yes, the mother ate them out of stress. No, I really can't do much about the stress. We have them in a bin kinda away from most of the other things in the pet store, with a screen lid on top and a sign clearly saying "DO NOT TOUCH HEDGEHOGS. THEY HAVE BABIES!" But unfortunately, stupid little kids still get through and mess with them.))

So I took the little one home. I have him in a ten gallon aquarium, no lid, wrapped in towels and a heat pad under him to keep him warm. I'm feeding him goats milk every three hours but now I just bought some kitten milk and I'm gonna switch to that.

I've taken care of baby kittens, puppies, and squirrels. But this is way different. Any tips? Am I doing this right? No fussing please >.> I'm kinda tired of getting fussed at on this forum. If you guys were to come to my snake forum, I'd be nice to you. So I'd appreciate the same courtesy >.>
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