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This is a tough area for me too...I brought my baby boy home about a week ago and he has since become pretty comfortable with his new environment and has been woofing down his kibble and mealworms, but nothing else. I checked him with my exotic vet who said everything was healthy but that, of course, vegetables and especially fruits are very important for hedgies, especially in the summer when they would normally be eating fruits in the wild. I have since tried raw carrots, mooshed banana, apple, fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and applesauce. But nothing so far that he'll eat. :[

I have heard some hedgie owners rave that they have never met a hedgie who did not like watermelon. You could try this, however when I offered some to Smee all he did was lick and sniff it a little and then run off to explore something else.

The next thing I was going to try was cooked vegetables, which is something you could try also! I have heard stories of some hedgehogs who won't eat any veggies that aren't cooked. Supposedly cooked peas are good.

One more piece of advice from my vet: he says stick to berries and melons you can get your hedgie to eat them. And absolutely stay away from grapes. Good luck!
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