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Yes, I put a couple big towels down over my legs and the bed/couch where ever we happen to be because his feet are a bit poopy and he won't let me clean them up.

And then I pick him up in one of the blankets he sleeps in (he quills up as soon as I open his cage so I can't lift him with my hands), and keep him covered in that until he comes out on his own.

With the guinea pigs (who also hate being carried) I use something called an "Elevator" which is a box with a hole cut into the side that they climb into and then they feel more secure being carried cause they're not being grabbed at. Then when they're where ever they're going I uncover the hole and they can come out at thier liesure. But thus far I haven't been able to coax Quill into it to use it to lift him that way. I wish he'd learn, it would be much less stressful for him.
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