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Slowly I'm getting more information about Quill here, the foster hog. I've been using the socialization tricks I've used on guinea pigs in the past, putting him on my lap and largely ignoring him until he gets used to my smell and letting him initiate contact with me (come to my hand, come sniff at me) rather then reaching for him. It seems to take a very very long time for him to unball but he eventually does and will come sniff my fingers and at my clothes (he even tried to eat my shirt last night). BUT as SOON as I move at all or there's any noise around he balls up again.

We've found his origional information and discovered that in Quill's origional home he was traumatized and tormented by the children there and was a nervious wreck. He's come a long way it seems but he's still extremely jumpy and quick to ball up and hiss.

I'd really like to help him learn to be more trusting to make him more adoptable and give him a better chance of finding a forever home.

Is there anything tips or tricks anyone knows for helping previously traumatized little guys beyond what I'm already doing? I worried about stressing him our now that I know his history and that he has good reason to be as sensitive as he is.
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