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Default Scary Bathtime Incident

Hi everyone,

We had a scary incident in our house last night with Hercules. As usual, his feet were poopy, so I ran a little water in the sink and put him in to wash them off. Within a minute or 2 of putting him in the sink he started doing this weird cough/whole body hiccup/heaving thing. He was making little snorting noises at the same time. So i picked him up out of the sink and wrapped him in his towel, and he continued to make these weird chirpy (almost like a beeping sound) noises. He looked like he was snorting, like when a person tries to blow their nose really hard. Anyways, when I picked him up, he blew a bubble out of one nostril, several times! I was so worried I was ready to rush to the emergency vet. I held him for about 10 minutes and the hiccup/snort thing stopped and he went to sleep in his towel, so I think he was ok after that. I still have no idea what happened. I think he may have accidently choked on some of the water, because his little face was wet. He was ok for the rest of the night, and this morning his wheel was covered in poop, so I'm assuming he was pretty normal during the night too. Has anyone experienced this, and is that actually what happened? Thanks for your help!
Katie and Hercules
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