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Originally Posted by Choya
My hedgehog Choya is about 6-7 months old, and he is a great pet. The only thing is, I have lists and lists of what hedgehogs CAN eat, but he won't actually eat anything. He eats his kibble and he absolutely loves mealworms and the occasionally cricket. He won't touch anything else. I've tried hand feeding him all manner of foods, and also putting them in his bowl. He completely ignores them both ways. Every once and a while he will take something and then spit it back out on me.

Is he just picky? Are there any suggestions to what foods I should try? So far I have tried peas, ferret treats, bell peppers, lettuce, bananas, strawberries, rasberries.

Also he is not losing weight or has any other problems. I don't think he has mites. His skin is a little dry but I live in a very dry climate and the dryness is improved with oatmeal baths.
I wish I had good advice, but I mostly just have sympathy... my Pepper is the same way. Loves his kibble, loves his mealies, and pretty much turns his nose up to everything else. He has twice tried boiled egg, but isn't always interested- have you tried that? I've also heard a lot of people say they love watermelon... of course, Pepper spit it out immediately, but that might be worth a try!

Anyway, I definitely sympathize. It's hard when you're offering them all of these mouthwatering treats to make them happy little hogs, and they just say "no way"! But I guess if they seem happy with what they have and they aren't in any way unhealthy, that we shouldn't really worry. But I know it's hard not to.
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