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Originally Posted by Nancy
If I remember correctly he is on Metronidazole? It is HORRID HORRID HORRID tasting unless it's flavoured so he may be reacting to that as well. Even flavoured it is not good.

Get some Hill's A/D from the vet and try syringing just it to him. If necessary, when he is in a ball, squirt a little bit down on his tummy. If you can't get any on his tummy, try putting a bit in front of him when he is standing. Once he gets a taste he should start to become more willing to take the syringe. Once you get him eating the a/d from the syringe, you can then add the meds in with it.

Scruffing works too but remember to support his bum so he isn't hanging by the scruff.
+1 to the scruffing

Didn't Ursula post a video on scruffing a hedgie awhile back on old HHC? *searching*
Ah, yeah, here it is: https://hedgehogcentral.com/oldforum/...showtopic=3077

It's nasty even with the flavoring (yes, I tried a drop that fell on my fingers). Mixing it with food helped it go down the first couple times, but the flavor breaks through and then a certain hedgie I know became suspicious. So I'll also second the idea of syringing with just plain food, so hedgie can have yummy time without the nasties.
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