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Originally Posted by Beanie
Originally Posted by Nancy
Babies and those in a new home often will potty in their beds for a while. Also the elderly will quite often go in their beds.
Nancy, when would you expect a baby to get better about this? I've had this issue with Watson for a while, although it is normally pee rather than poo. He's just about 10 weeks old. I came in the other day and he was buried and sleeping in his litter box - so I changed to paper towels so he wouldn't think the Yesterday's news was a place to burrow. I've also been changing the lining and fleece strips almost twice a week because he pees in his igloo on the strips.
At 10 weeks, he still hasn't figured out what he'es doing yet and hasn't been with you long enough to be totally settled. When they potty in bed you need to change the bed daily. You can try giving him an other igloo or sleeping area. I've had a few decide they wanted to use their igloo as a potty so they could go in privacy. It's worth a try, one as a bed, one as a potty.
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