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Default Re: Misinformed Youtube "Hedgehog Care" Videos

Originally Posted by Nancy
That is the breeder that just posted her babies for sale on here. viewtopic.php?f=20&t=6166

She doesn't know enough as an owner but to be breeding them is just plain scarey. I pity her poor hedgehogs and I feel sorry for anyone that ends up buying from her because they are getting wrong information and the babies she sells will suffer.

The way she stumbles and bumbles her way talking in the video, it's obvious she is not sure of her facts. I'm sure most intelligent people are going to recognize it for what it is, someone trying to look like they know more than they do.

That's HER?!?!
I don't mind when people are misinformed, I mean, I'm no expert with hedgehogs either... but at least most of them are willing to learn, you know?
No one should be adopting her baby hedgies, although every hedgie deserve a good home... I just hope the new owner stumbles upon this site, or another one of the sort
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