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Default Re: Misinformed Youtube "Hedgehog Care" Videos

Here are my notes...

* Wrong Temps - 65 to 80, 80 can be too hot, 65 too cold. 73 to 78 is optimal range.
* Sunseed Food - Utter garbage food that contains food items that are known to cause organ problems and even failure.
* Exercise Wheel of DEATH.
* Pine Shavings, Bedding of DEATH.
* Jingle Ball with openings.
* Cage Size, Couple of Feet by a Couple of Feet.
* No Lighting System.

What I hate the most about this video is the ignorance she displays with her comments, "Well my method has worked fine so why change anything". Then she'll be here on HHC crying because her hedgehog died of liver failure or a massive URI or had its feet torn off or broke its neck cause it decided to exit the wheel while it was still going.

What disturbs me more is the fact she has like a billion cages and tanks in her room, I mean I understand people love animals and that many people have setups like this, but god, I didn't even attempt to count how many things she had in there, but to me it seems to have that many pets, obviously all hers, would spread your time out too thinly to take proper care of them all. I mean this is coming from a guy with 9 indoor cats, but if you read my intro posts (I think Vera-Lee's intro) you'll know why I have so many cats, and well its not like cats are complicated to take care of. Feed me, pet me, change my litter.

The other thing that scares me in general with Youtube Hedgehog Videos are the comments, stepping past the obvious (haha how cute I want to get one and name it Sonic), just the general population who think they are cute, run out and get one not getting educated on the proper care and not knowing what their personality really are. Her hedgehog seems to be at least very comfortable and social, and many other videos show the same. They don't show how you can easily end up with a grumpy anti-social hedgehog that will require months of work (aka Hester Sue).

Personally, I think I'm going to work on my own hedgehog care video, the more correct videos that appear on Youtube, the less harm will be done to hedgies.
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