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Default 11 month old losing alot of quills?

I recently switched over my hedgehog from carefresh to fleece..and ever since I noticed her quills are falling out...in her cuddle sack there was over 12 and in a whole night about 22 quills..she's eating,drinking and wheeling perfectly.. she was fine on the carefresh bedding. Her skin is also as smooth as a baby's butt! No dry skin , no scratching. Also she seems like her back is sore, when you touch her back she puffs up but you can rub her belly with no problems. Today I decided just to wash her fleece incase she was allergic to the laundry soap and softener. Any other ideas I could do? I don't think its mites because I have not had her outside or in contact with any wood, but you never know. Any suggestions?
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