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corinamarina 10-03-2019 10:11 PM

bucket wheel issues
hi everyone!
we have a tic tac bucket wheel (UK) which I believe is very similar to the CSW in the US. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the same quality though since the bucket on our wheel does not seem to be balancing at all - it is very wobbly and rocks back and forth quite a lot when our hedgie evie stops running (and it does not look very comfortable for her either). she loves loves LOVES running so she runs on it anyway. I’m just worried she’ll hurt herself when trying to get off/on and also am not sure if it’s okay for her to be swinging like that? it swings her halfway along the wheel 😕
I have tried tightening it by hand but it will only go too tight for her to run or so loose it’s swinging again ...
the wheel also suddenly stops spinning as if evie is tightening it by running? sometimes (but only sometimes) it goes back to normal if she changes direction
does anyone have any tips or experience with tic tac wheels?
thanks in advance!

Emc 10-03-2019 11:30 PM

I have a TicTac wheel, and my girl has put it through rigorous amounts of exercise since November ‘18 - so almost a year now, and I haven’t experienced any of the issues you’ve mentioned. Yes, it rocks when she stops running - but so does every wheel, and mine certainly doesn’t rock to the extent where it tosses her half way up the wheel. My wheel also doesn’t wobble at all, and is extremely stable. Have you contacted TicTac wheels? Seems like something’s gone wrong and is faulty; I’ve found Coco’s wheel to be extremely stable.

Ria 10-04-2019 02:37 AM

My tic tac wheel is second second hand - but I noticed mine a little unstable and asked someone about, you have to have it on a complete flat surface, cant have anything under the legs at all otherwise it wont be stable and will do similar to what you said.

As for the swinging its to do with the hedgehog, they can take any size hog, but sometimes it takes them a while to balance themself on the wheel, once they can do that it should swing less!

The swinging may be worse if the wheel is unbalanced

The only reason I can think it might seem like its tightening up is that something may be wrong, it doesn't do that on mine (and mines all rusted but I did get it for free)

I think contact them and explain it and see what they say if you haven't had it long they may get you to send it back for them to look at/replace. They are nice people.

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