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Default Question For Bearded Dragon Owners

*Sorry, that subject line was supposed to say "question"

For any of you who have experience with beardies, I have a very serious concern with mine and I am at a loss of what to do.

My beardie seems to STILL be stuck in brumation! He is four and a half years old, and despite the warm weather and increased cage heat, he barely moves, sleeps most of the day, will not eat without being force-fed and doesn't poop without a bath. I took him to the vet a few months ago because as he started to wake up from his winter napping, I saw some gunk in his mouth and that he had lost a couple teeth. The vet said he looked to be in good health, just had maybe a slight infection, so he put him on a course of antibiotics. The vet also force-fed him to try to jump-start him out of brumation, but he said it has been a weird year and that many beardies he has seen have been sleeping longer than normal. Before the vet visit he was on that awful calcium sand, but I have since switched to ceramic tiles.

I just don't know what to do. He is usually active and ravenous during the summer. Now I have to force-feed him and he fights it and tries to spit food back out. Yet, he doesn't seem to be losing any weight from not eating normally. I have tried raising his temps, but the vet said they were fine-- and my beardie has always preferred the cool side of his cage. Any suggestions?
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