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Thanks guys! Yeah he does have a space heater, I keep him in my bathroom (I have a shoe box of an apartment) and his room is usually 5-10 degrees warmer. I still need to get a thermometer (which I'll go purchase today) but I am an avid AC runner, I have a heart problem so I have to make sure it doesn't get too hot for me so it's kind of a double edged sword.

Last night and this morning he's been a lot more energetic. He wheeled a ton last night (as evidenced by his extremely poopy feet and wheel) and drank a bit more water. He claimed one of my pillow cases as his own a couple weeks ago so he's in that in my lap and chomping down on a cricket right now.

Now that I think of it...could stress cause an attempt? Someone at my Bible study wanted to see him so I took him to Bible study (with an one hour or more long car ride.) I was really to only one to hold him directly (one of my friends held him while he was in his pillow case) and I had his food and water with him as well. He slept most of the time, didn't huff and puff too much and seemed pretty relaxed the whole time.

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