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Default Was it a hibernation attempt?

So I usually have Niles out running around at night (our run-around time) and last night he didn't have any of it. When I took him out of his cage his belly was cooler to the touch than normal, he response to stimuli was normal but when I got him on the floor like normal he laid there. Sometimes he runs around for a bit and then curls up next to me and naps but last night was different. I was concerned so I put him under my shirt and he "splatted" out for a good hour and then got all excited and burrowed in my shirt but I stayed up with him until 4 am to make sure he was ok...he did wheel for several hours this morning after that and he's been ok today. He has not been drinking as much water as I'd like him to drink...his nose has been dry. In order to remedy that I took EVERYTHING except his bottle out of his cage for 10-15 minutes and he took a small sip. He seems back to normal now, he's motoring around like a goof at a million miles per hour. I guess my question is, was this a hibernation attempt?

Sorry for the long winded story, just wanted to include all the details

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