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Default Re: pinkish red skin and dandruff/flakey skin?

I have had an ongoing problem similar with my hedgie (2 yrs in Aug), with the addition of quill loss. I'd advise against using olive oil on the skin as it can clog the pours. You could add some to the food though. Alternatively, as someone else mentioned, flax oil is very common.

For us, we've tried medications and such to get it under control when really bad (last medication back in February, still dry skin after that).

Over the past couple weeks these are the changes that I made which REALLY seemed to make a difference.
- bought new pet toothbrush, did a good brushing of my hedgie (on top of a towel, she really likes this). After brushing I took a lost quill & popped open a flax oil capsule, put the oil on her back, focusing on areas that I just brushed (dry patches)
- bought some canned mealworms (nothing new here) and crickets (new food). started giving cricket & 2 meal worms nightly as treats
- incorporated "Wellness Indoor Health" back into her diet

Like I said, huge change in her skin and also in her bathroom & energy levels. I think the brushing/flax seed combo did well to clean/sooth the skin & then the crickets/Wellness are adding some nutrients back into her diet to keep the skin healthy. Prior to these changes I also noticed her poos were getting strained, since they're the nice big 'toothpaste' poos again. Her energy level has also picked back up and even with the increased fat from the insects, she's dropping the weight she'd earlier put on (something that needed to happen)
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