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I'd like to bring this thread to everyone's attention as a reminder of how we should and should not post and behave on forums. Following a few basic language rules would help immensely for those of us trying to read posts.

1. Proper punctuation. We learn in grade 2 that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with either a period or question mark. Run on sentences are not only difficult to read, but annoying and often people do not bother even to read.

2. Paragraphs. We learn about paragraphs in grade 3. A paragraph is a group of sentences about one subject. When we switch to a different subject, we make a new paragraph with a blank line between.

3. Subject line. A subject line that gives an idea of what the post is about will give quicker responses. For instance. "OMG I need help" not only tells the person reading it nothing about what is wrong but the use of net speak gives the impression of drama. A better subject line would be "Help, cold hedgie". This tells the reader what the post is about.

Many people, myself included, come on here multiple times per day but only for a few minutes at a time. When looking at the new posts, I am going to read and reply to "Help, cold hedgie" immediately and may not even have time to get to "OMG I need help".

4. Capitals. Capitalizing all letters is not only annoying, difficult to read but is considered yelling.

Capitalizing the first letter of each word is also annoying and difficult to read and goes back to following the simple punctuation rules we learned in grade 2. Capitals belong at the beginning of a sentence and for proper names.

Capitalizing random words helps highlight the importance and is fine to do in some circumstances.

5. Spelling. Not everyone can spell well. For some, English is not their first language. We Canadians spell certain words different than those in the US and spell checkers give US spelling of words. Random spelling mistakes are fine, nobody is perfect but at least give it a good try.

Except for a few words, netspeak is not only annoying to read but generally the post is not taken as seriously as one that is written in normal words. LOL and IMO are generally considered okay to use.

You are judged by how you present yourself. We don't expect perfection but unless you are 7 years old, you have learned basic punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. Please use it. Netspeak is fine to use when you are chatting with a friend but otherwise is annoying to the reader and puts forth an immature impression of you.
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