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Actually, he's already here... He's been at my house for close to two weeks now... I can tell my mom secretly likes him a lot... My dad freaked when he found out he was in my room. I have a tortoise, a cat, some fish, and that's it.

My friend said I can come and see him anytime even if it's multiple times a week, only problem is during the fall and spring, I'm extremely busy with school and she lives about 30 minutes away... The friend actually works at a pet store which is how her and Rachel met... haha. She also said whenever she does travel, I could "watch" him. So I know I will be a big part of his life still. And really, it's my dad that I'm having to convince. And the bad part is, for some STUPID reason, you say "hedgehog" and people think it's a hog. So my dad was like, " I don't want a hog in my house!!" I was like, "Dad, he's not a HOG!!!" SOOO aggravating. Just like when people call a tortoise a turtle, but that's not as bad. lol
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