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Default I have a question, please read.

Okay, so first I will tell the story:

On April 10th one of my really good friends from high school passed away in a car accident . Her roommate, which is also a friend of mine, was going to keep all of her animals, but soon found out she was pregnant and wouldn't have the time or room for all the animals and a baby! This is where Rachel's (the friend that died), hedgehog comes into the picture. I met up with Kim, and got the hedgehog AKA Charlie. He was going to live with another friend, but she was out of town. We had the agreement that if my parents changed their minds or he was still alive when I moved out, I would get him back. I was hoping to convince my parents to keep him, since I still live with them and I'm in college. Well, my mom said, "Why don't you have him for 2 weeks at a time and the other person have him the next 2 weeks, etc?" I've really fallen in love with Charlie and I know I can get another hedgehog later in life, but it won't be the same. Charlie reminds me so much of Rachel and I just love him! Does this idea sound like a bad one? I was really hoping that I could keep him even if it was every 2 weeks...

Thanks for all and any advice!
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