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Default Dream Job

I just had to share the good news. I finally landed a job working in a Veterinary Clinic. I absolutely love it, I'm surprisingly great at it, and the hours and pay are fantastic.

The absolute best part is that employees get free health care for their pets. The second absolute best part is one of the doctors is very experienced in hedgehogs. That means no more driving an hour and a half to Eileen's old vet and saving a ton of money.

And a side funny story, on my second day there, a client brought in a new hedgehog. My coworkers were getting ready to put on gloves, but I scooped the baby up like a pro and sat with the client and gave them tips on things they didn't know like heating, lighting, the best wheel as they got her from a pet store on a whim /cringe Showed her pictures of Eileen's C&C cage and told her where to get all the supplies. Felt great when the doctor told me great job and to bring my hedgie in for a check up.

Ok, enough rambling. Sorry y'all

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