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The room that I have my girl in doesn't have any windows either (we're in a basement apartment). So, I have to rely on artificial light for her daylight schedule.

So yeah, the lights that I use for her "daylight" lights are different from her heat lamp. The type of bulb that I use for her heat lamp is a ceramic heat emitter, so it doesn't emit any light, only heat. Reptile lamp bulbs aren't recommended for hedgies, since they have to be on almost all the time, and the light that reptile lamp bulbs emit can mess up a hedgehog's sleep cycle.

Having a floor or desk lamp on a timer works great. Whatever you choose, it has to be bright enough so your hedgie knows it's daytime. I think there are bulbs that simulate natural daylight so you can probably use one of those bulbs. You can put the lamp near your hedgie's cage, but not too close.

I personally use a few different types of light - I use overhead ceiling lights as her "daytime" lights, and then a desk lamp for at night when we're bonding. Then very little light when I put her in her cage for the rest of the night (her room is almost completely dark). Keep in mind though, hedgies are different when it comes to "night" lighting; some might aren't as active if there's too much light on during the night. You'll just have to test what options work best for your baby
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