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Default Heating lamp & Light lamp questions

Trying to get my supplies ready before it's time to bring my little girl home, but I have some questions about lighting and cage placement.

Right now we're trying to decide on the best place for our little girl to be, there are several options throughout the household, but the place I want her the most would be in my room with me.... unfortunately (as far as hedgie ownership goes) I live in the basement with no natural light (as I am also nocturnal, and enjoy having a place where the sun cannot reach me as I sleep :P). I have heard of other folks putting lamps on timers so that they are able to get the "daytime" effect so they still get their 12-14 hours of daylight for sleep times and I'm sure those lamps are different than the heat lamps (which if its cooler, she would need on all the time).

My question is, is this option really feasible? As I said, there are several options for cage placement, but if I can, I'd really like to have her with me, rather than in another part of the house, but I would never put her in danger just to have her with me, so if natural light is the only option, then she could be in any other bedroom in the house, where she would possibly only need the heat lamp.

So, opinions on lights? What kinds would work well? I'm looking at a lot of 'reptile' type lighting, but, I feel pretty lost.

Thanks ahead of time for help!
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