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It may be that she is having difficulty eating the full sized kibble. This doesn't mean she has an oral tumour. Sometimes their jaws aren't strong enough. I've had most older ones need softened kibble but even a 1 and some 2 year olds.

RC Baby Cat is generally loved by most because of it's small hedgie sized pieces and the fact that it is higher in fat so really yummy. While it is great for ill and recovering hedgies, sometimes they will decide it is all they want to eat. Instead of feeding it, you could go to a regular kibble which is higher in fat than the light, but not as high as kitten or baby cat. Try breaking up the pieces to make them easier to eat for her. If you do break it up, try to avoid giving her crumbs. For some reason, crumbs sometimes will turn some of them off. I think seeing crumbs they know the food has been broken. My gang have always preferred X or Y shaped kibble as opposed to pellet, oval or round.

If she's not skinny, I wouldn't really worry too much about putting weight back on and just make sure she is eating a decent amount. How old is she?
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