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Default Re: Still not healthy!

That's great new that the vet hasn't found anything wrong so far! I'm surprised he didn't just take the blood at the same time and do the bloodwork (although I'm sure that would've been a pretty expensive vet bill for you) cause he'll probably have to sedate her again to do the bloodwork later if needed. Hopefully her appetite picks up and you don't need it!

If she's eating the babycat, I would just feed her lots of that. I think with a situation like this it's more important that they eat - no matter what it is. The extra fat in the babycat will hopefully help with the weight too. babycat has corn and what not, but other than that it's not a bad food, even if just for the short term.

I totally understand your concern about the weight loss. Chloe was 600g at her heaviest, 550g at what seemed to be an ideal weight for her and she's now around 470g . So I feel just as awful about the weight loss! Chloe doesn't look malnourished either though, the vet thinks she's actually healthier at the lower weight, but I definitely don't want her to lose any more either.

I get my waxworms at Petsmart, I imagine petco would sell them also. I know cutting up superworms is super gross, but I figure at this point I'll do whatever I have to, to get Chloe to gain at least some weight back.

I hope adding new foods/cutting them into smaller pieces works for you and Emmy!
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