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Default Re: Still not healthy!

Thanks for the great advice!
It's interesting our hedgehogs had similar problems after URIs.
Well, she has definitely lost too much weight. She was 396 grams in Feb when we went in with the URI, two and a half weeks ago she was about 300, and now she's 287 not good news.
I brought meal worms to try to make her be more friendly, but she was especially prickly and wouldn't let the vet touch her. I mentioned my concerns that there could be oral problems, so he decided sedation would be best so he could palpate her stomach to check her liver and abdomen and get a really good look inside her mouth.
Everything looked fine, so he then x-rayed her, everything looked fine after that too.
He said try different foods, or at least just get a fresh bag of her current food and see if that sparks her appetite any.
He wants to see her in another 10 days and if she's still losing weight he'll do blood work.
Let's hope new foods well help :-/
Thanks for the great advice about food, Snufflepuff. I'll probably buy a pill cutter and give that a shot. I had already bought from RC Baby Cat, and she has been eating all of it. I'll try giving her some of the other foods you mentioned. Especially some new bugs, she'd love that. Can you get wax worms etc at a Petco? I really don't relish the idea of cutting up a superworm haha.
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