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Default Re: Possible future hedgie owner

Absolutely! I'm a research kind of gal! This is a big commitment. (Second only to my marriage!) And I've kept him for 18 years! I figure, all 3 of us (hubby, hedgie & me) want to be happy. The best way to do that is to know what you are getting into BEFOREHAND.

You all have been such a help. I have appreciated all the frank, honest info you have provided. And the pictures! It's so great when you don't know what you are doing to be able to feel like you have an IDEA of what you are doing! I can look at something and say "yes, I KNOW this will work and will be safe, because I have seen a picture of it."

Anyway, you guys have been great. Feel like I know you already - because I've read all your responses. BTW Lizardgirl, I love your picture!


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