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Default Male Squealing?

Hi there!

I hope I posted this in the right section (and I apologize in advance if I didn't.)

I have had my little Mushu for about two years now. HE can be a grumpy brat sometimes and like to hide whenever I come around.

Last week, I bought another MALE hedgehog (who is 4 months old) but he is going to a friend of mine. When I introduced Mushu to this little guy (we named him "Stitch"), Mushu was delighted. I have never seen him run around his cage and interact as much as he does now. However, a few days ago when I put Mushu and Stich together again, I started hearing some squealing. At first I thought it was Stitch since he was a baby and all that. I researched online to find out more and it mentioned breading sounds. I thought this was strange since Mushu and Stitch are both males. After that I kept them separated.

HOWEVER, when I put them together again just now, I found out that Mushu is actually the one making all the squealing sounds. He is always seen running around to try and find Stitch (including at night in his cage.) He has never done something like this before.

Does anyone know why Mushu has seemed to completely flipped personalities? And why he is now squealing for another male? I examined both Mushu and Stitch and they do not appear to have any injuries (as well as I always take Mushu to the vet for exams every few months.) I'm starting to get nervous since I will be giving Stitch back to his new home in a few weeks and Mushu cannot seem to pull himself away from Stitch. I do not want to break the little guys heart but I am genuinely concerned.

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

- Disney Freak
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