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I'm so angry right now. My mom actually stopped in on her way to work and texted me the brand names of the hedgehog foods they carry. They are Browns, Sunset, and Exotic Nutrition.

I know that the Browns is more than a little dangerous with its seeds as a choking hazard and raisins as an ingredient which are toxic. This is coupled with the fact it's mostly grains and fillers! I'm appalled that someone who grilled me about feeding my babies the "right" things could carry and promote this garbage.

I couldn't find the Sunset brand after googling it, though I did find the Exotic Nutrition one and I can't say I'm impressed by it. The first ingredients are blood meal, soybean meal, ground corn, corn gluten meal, whole roasted soy beans, tallow, cane molasses, dried beet pulp, then dried mealworms. It might have a bunch of added vitamin supplements, but those hardly make up for the fact it's mostly corn and soy. Because that's what I'd totally recommend for an omnivore.

I can't believe this. I just part of me was really hoping they would have decent stuff, but I guess that wasn't the case.
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