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Default Conflicting Food Information

Not sure what to title this, as it's much more just me ranting than anything productive, but this happened this morning and it's still really bugging me.

I had a job interview with a local pet store that's opening up near where my mother works. It's a locally owned string of stores, more "mom 'n pop" than a corporation like PetSmart, which had me initially thrilled! They're even the pet store I had had heard rumors about that occasionally they have hedgies for sale. I was reasonably impressed with their care guide online too, as the only thing they got a little off (in my opinion) was the statement that hedgies should be fed "hedgehog" food ONLY. But you know, different opinions, not a big deal, I certainly wasn't going to show up and tell a possible boss that they where doing it wrong!

I didn't expect half of my interview to turn into me defending why I feed my hogs cat food instead of their "correct" diet of hedgehog food. The store owner claimed that they need to be on specific food for their exotic needs-- Which would make sense if I didn't already know that most hedgehog foods are garbage! I mentioned that a lot are like most popular cat food brands, full of grains and additives and questionable ingredients, and that most people feed them a mix of high quality cat food for a reason.

I just felt talked down to the whole time, even though it was clear she hasn't owned one or done a lot of independent research. Ironically she had never heard of the names of the hedgehog foods I did know about, like Spike's Delight, and she never did mention the name of this magical perfect food that the breeder these babies come from uses. I don't claim to know everything, but I came there for a job interview, not to go on trial for the care of my hedgies. Her attitude is what really got me. There's a difference between agreeing to disagree and judging me for not having them on the "right" food. Maybe it was because I look a lot younger than I am (many mistake me for a high schooler when I'm 22 and a half!) but that's no excuse to be condescending.

Over all it was the most bizarre interview I've ever had. She made a face when I confirmed I lived half an hour away, though any job I could possibly get in my area requires a commute, and wondered why I wanted to work at a pet store when I was a creative writing major instead of finding a job that "made more sense" in connection to my major. (Yeah, like I can get a summer job in creative writing) She also questioned why I applied there instead of returning to my former employer of Walmart, and anyone who's ever held a retail cashier job will know exactly why that's my last resort.

Needless to say I'm not going to be too broken up about it if I don't get hired. I'm also going to do some reconnaissance and see if I can't find what food they sell for hogs and judge it's worthiness accordingly. I'd also love to know where their breeder is hiding; I couldn't find one in the Albany area to save my life, which is why Lia and Luna where both from a breeder in Long Island!
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