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Default Flaking Skin with quills

I tried looking around on here to see if I could find any information into what is going and haven't really found any information..

But I was cleaning out Thor's cage last night and found a small piece of what looked like dry skin with quills attached..

I then took him out and gave him a brief bath of warm water and a burt's bee's oatmeal shampoo, and noticed another spot of dry skin with quills that was still attached to his body on his side but was in the process of peeling.. He doesn't seem bothered by the peeling skin at all seeing how I bathed him and rubbed him down and touched the area..He is around 9 months old. Nothing has changed inside is cage, I have used the shampoo before with him and only bathe him fully one to two times a month, other times I just soak his feet cause of poop boots..

I examined him and did a quick rub down (had dark gloves) and I just saw white flakes and none were moving..But I will check him out again when I get home around 6pm (its currently 9:50am EST) I unfortunately don't have any pictures of said area. He does seem to have lost some individual quills as well..so I dunno if it is quilling or something more? And I wouldn't be able to get to the vet until Saturday..

Does this sound like anything anyone has dealt with before?
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